SHMS ESI™ (External System Interfaces) is our powerful EDI tool that takes the complexity out of the task of importing and exporting files of virtually any format. With an open framework that provides capabilities beyond the range of other products, SHMS ESI™ supports files in fixed-width, delimited, and XML formats and can be used to import HIPAA EDI formats. In addition to format support, SHMS ESI™ can be used to schedule imports and exports of data files. This automation can significantly reduce manpower overhead for coordination of data exchange with vendors.

Business Process Benefits

  •  Supports virtually any text file format, providing a single tool for all EDI needs
  • Saves file operations into tasks and jobs for ease of management
  • Powerful transformations and mappings to and from any system’s data set
  • Scheduled tasks provide a “hands off” option that automates much of the tedious work that data exchange typically requires
  • Automated, scheduled transfer of files via FTP or Secure FTP protocols (including CMS Gentran)
  • Extensive logging and record-by-record warning/error resolution provides users with the power to see the results of an import/export task
  • All files are logged and archived for retrieval later
  • Email contacts can be defined to be notified when a job completes based on the job’s status. This allows users to be made aware of issues during the processing of the job or to notify vendors that a new file is available.